How to Curate Your Newsletter [Tutorial]

Curate This! ← Add this to your bookmarks toolbar.

Getting the Curate This! Button

1. Display your browser's bookmark bar. Depending on the browser, there may be slight variations; however, in general, you can do so by clicking on View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar or Show Bookmarks Toolbar.

2. Drag the "Curate This!" button to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

3. Start curating! Every time you find an article/post/image that you would like to curate, simply click on the Curate This! button. Select the image that you would like to include, write a headline and a few sentences about what you think, then click on the Curate This! button at the bottom of the window. These articles/posts/images will then be queued up in Your Article Library, ready for you to send out in your next newsletter.

Navigating the Newsletter Template

Your Article Library

When you login, you will find your curated articles under Your Article Library.

Set your Template

Before creating your newsletter draft, select which template you would like to use. You have an option for a template with small images, where the text is displayed to the right of the image, or a template with large images, where the image is displayed above the text. The small image template is the default, but you can click on Switch Template to change this to the large image size template. You can click on Switch Template again, to switch back.

Set your Template

If you choose to use the large image template, you may also want to curate articles with large images. On the Curate window, click the Show Large Images Only link to make this change.

Preparing Your Newsletter

Prepare Your Newsletter

When you are ready to prepare your draft, start by filling in the text box for the Subject, Newsletter Headline, and Intro paragraph. Your Subject and Headline may or may not be the same, depending on your preference.

Order Your Articles

Next, drag your curated articles, one by one, from Your Article Library to your newsletter draft, in the left column, where it says Drag and reorder your articles here! Drag all of the articles that you would like to include in this newsletter.

You may reorder your articles at any time.

Save Draft

When you are done dragging articles into your newsletter, be sure to click on the Save Draft button to save your work. You may always come back and modify your drafts. If you are done with your newsletter and ready to send, you can click on the "Send TEST email to..." button to send a copy to yourself. This way you can preview the newsletter before it is sent to your subscribers. If you are ready to send to your subscribers, then click on the "Send newsletter to [newsletter name] " button. When you click on any of these buttons, you will see a pop-up notification, confirming your action.

Additional Tips

Editing the Article

If you find that you want to edit the article headline or what you have curated, while the article is in the Article Library, hover over the article until you see the Edit and Delete buttons in the lower right corner. Click Edit so that you can edit the headline or curated portions of the article.

If you would like to remove the article completely, click on the Delete button.