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500Startups Weekly for 02/21/2013

This week, a couple of a good articles from 500Partner Paul Singh on storytelling and 500Mentor Micah Baldwin on passion. Also, 500Partner Christine Tsai recorded a good video about her journey to 500, how they do their investments, and what 500 is all about.


Your Passion is Fake

In the entrepreneurial ecosystem we hold passionate people above all others. We exalt the passionate ones as the leaders who will change the world, who will disrupt the world, who will bring that passion to the masses and make the world a better place.

Yet, a truly passionate person is close-minded, unable to listen to others and blinded by that passion to drive only actions that feed that passion.

Founders, Their Startups and (the lack of) Storytelling

At one point or another, every founder has received the “just focus on traction” advice. And it’s good advice. The problem is that very few founders are also told to learn to “tell a good story” as well. For most people, communication isn’t something you’re born with but it is something you can learn.

I filmed this video awhile back for Technovation...

500Partner Christine Tsai filmed this video awhile back for Technovation Challenge, a wonderful organization which encourages young girls to pursue careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

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