Calgary-Centre Byelection

November 24, 2012

Stay informed about the Calgary-Centre Byelection. Follow the media coverage and learn more about the issues before casting your vote. Curated by @jody_macpherson

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1CalgaryCentre: Selection Vote/Poll Highlights: Turner is the enthusiastic choice

Overall, the vote/poll appears to affirm a three-horse race among this audience. What is evident from this process is that there are two standout choices for these progressive voters – Harvey Locke and Chris Turner. Locke remains a solid choice, his performance making him a definite contender for November 26th. However, Turner does appear to be the enthusiastic choice. That is the key difference among these participants – the commitment to Turner appears to be stronger than it is for Locke.

Green victory in Calgary Centre Monday becomes plausible

Monday night, we’ll know. But headed into Monday’s vote, Green candidate Chris Turner in the Calgary Centre by-election is the one to watch.

If the thought of the centre of the capital of Canada’s oil and gas industries being in the hands of a Green MP makes you chuckle, think again.

Mark Crowley: The Case for Strategic Voting in Calgary's By-Election

So in case you hadn't heard there is a by-election coming up on Thursday, three in fact, and the polls look interesting. The most exciting is the by-election in Calgary Centre where polls indicate a three-way race between the Conservatives, the Liberals and (deep breath) the Green Party.

Trudeau, McGuinty bring national attention to a tight Calgary byelection

An early winter byelection in a town painted Tory blue is usually not much of an event, but the federal race in Calgary Centre has turned out to be anything but boring, with the whole country leaning in to see what happens Monday.

Green Party candidate Chris Turner says Calgary Centre residents are ready for change | Calgary | News | Calgary Sun

Chris Turner, a magazine journalist, book author and environmentalist, said he’s stealing support both from longtime Liberals and Conservatives in the hotly contested Monday byelection.

“Calgarians are ready for a new voice and they want to hear more than one tone representing them in Ottawa,” Turner told the Sun’s editorial board Friday.

Candidates weigh in on key issues in Calgary Centre | Metro

What matters most to voters of Calgary Centre?

That depends on which candidate you ask.

Bastion of Calgary Conservatives under fire in byelection

There's something strange going on in Calgary — people are actually talking about a federal byelection coming up Monday in a downtown riding.

Updated: Questions for Calgary Centre Candidates | Bike Calgary

We sent the following questions to the candidates for the Calgary Centre federal by-election coming up on November 26, and have asked them to provide responses by November 14. We'll post them here when they arrive.

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